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A charter superyacht is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It is also a water resort with a wide range of leisure activities to choose from.

With a more ambitious design, there’s no limit to the luxury you’ll find in a mega yacht. Here are just a few of the amazing facilities available on our luxury yacht charters.

Beach Club

 The Beach Club began as a platform at the stern (stern) of a yacht on the water. It is intended to facilitate boarding from both floating piers and tender vessels, and has a retractable ladder for swimming when anchored. Soon crews began placing cushions on the swim platforms, and soon designers created vast areas for lounging on the surface.

These spaces often include folding transoms that can be folded down to create sunbathing areas and platforms. Meanwhile, the larger compartment becomes an open-air lounge and club with a bar, comfortable seating and a full entertainment system. A perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.


A bubbling water jet spa is often located on the upper deck for evening relaxation, but some yachts also have a beach club, perhaps with a massage table nearby.


Saunas are another popular item onboard charter yachts and are usually located in special cabins as they require special insulation and equipment. However, some yachts even have one in the master suite. Like an above-ground sauna, the moist or dry heat will soothe your muscles and cleanse your pores. Charter brochures may refer to it as a hammam or Turkish bath.


Many yachts have their own gymnasium, complete with exercise and weight training equipment to help guests stay in shape and compete against gourmet cuisine. Fitness equipment such as stationary bikes and treadmills can be installed at the beach club so guests can finish their workout with a refreshing swim.


Massage works closely with spas and beach clubs, and many yachts have crew trained in massage techniques. There may be a dedicated massage room or a portable massage table that can be positioned to provide a comfortable view.

Salon Services

Personal care is a buzzword onboard charter yachts. Some yachts have hairdressers and hair salons. Larger yachts may have separate facilities with all the facilities of a coastal beauty salon, from hair products and facials to manicures and pedicures, along with trained stylists and operators. They may have a crew trained to provide these services, or captain or charter broker may be able to arrange them for you.

Swimming Pool

Where Jacuzzi spas were once considered so sophisticated, many Miami private boat charter are now equipped with paddling pools. Other yachts have opted for a pool style that often incorporates water jets, allowing swimmers to stay in the same spot as if they were swimming upstream. The infinity pool that looks like the water’s edge has disappeared is also popular.

Sun Pads

To ease tension, each charter yacht has sun pads that extend across the yacht, allowing you to choose the perfect spot to get the perfect tan.

Final words

If you planning a family holiday at sea with all the services mentioned above then Encore Yacht in Miami will be best option. The professional crew members make the trip a memorable and safe one.