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Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Charter in Miami

Preparing for a wedding is a special time full of excitement and surprises. Encore yacht has been serving weddings since it started. Their experienced wedding planners are happy to share their expertise, tips and tricks which I have brought here for you. 

Whether you’ve booked a private boat in Miami or are planning your Big day, here are six tips for planning the perfect yacht wedding.


 Location matters a lot in case of weddings. If you want ocean views, spectacular sunsets and cool coastal breezes are your dream destination, then Miami beaches are your place. It’s like a dream wedding place for many couples

2. Setting the Stage for a Wedding Yacht Charter

Grand, Traditional or themed? Whatever you choose will help set the tone for your wedding and guide accents, embellishments and other creative touches.Once you’ve charted the course, the fun is in the details.

3. Menu Fun

It’s no secret that deciding on a menu is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a wedding. So why make it complicated? At Encore Yacht  you don’t need outside catering led by a talented culinary team. Their Crue members have a list of chefs and caterers on the boat itself available 24*7. 

4. Vendor Choice

Encore yacht team consists of a group of experienced event planners with an extensive list of trusted vendors. Need help with a DJ, band or florist? They all arranged for you beforehand. 

5. Set Your Budget and Guest List

When creating your guest list, ask yourself if you want a big party or an intimate event. Staffing from the start saves you the headache of not knowing where to go and what to pay. Determine the best yacht rental for your wedding and your budget.

Setting a budget early on will help you identify your priorities. Entertainment or decoration? With clear funds, you can move ahead with your wedding planning with confidence.

6. Choose Your Yacht

Choosing the right venue sets the mood for your wedding. You can have the luxury of choosing a yacht to suit your needs and desires. From expansive roof terraces to elegant chandeliers, luxury yachts make for unforgettable wedding venues.

Final words

All the tips mentioned above will help you in case you are planning your wedding on a yacht. Whether you go for a luxury yacht charter in Miami with more than five hundred guests or want a small wedding on a mini Yacht with only your family members included, you are free to choose it with the Encore Yacht. This company not only gives you the right yacht to celebrate your beautiful day but also makes it an unforgettable memory.