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What do you need to have before renting a yacht ?

If you’re going to Miami, you probably know what you need to rent a vehicle, but if you’re renting a boat, you’re not quite sure what you need. Boating is one thing Miami is famous for all over the world, so it’s certainly something a lot of people do, and the good news is that it’s not that hard to meet the requirements to charter a boat in Miami. It means no. Here is a summary of standard boat rental requirements in Miami:


Must be adult

You must be 18 years or older for a motor yacht rental in Miami. Therefore, ID is required. This is a legal obligation. Ownership of certain rental boats by charter boats may require a wider age range to charter the boat. It’s a personal choice. Many companies like Encore yacht allow you to yacht above 18 age but some others in Miami itself won’t allow you until the age of 22. 


Must take a test 

 Must take the Florida Boater’s Education exam. It’s an inexpensive course (usually around $25) that you can take online. For those who rent a boat for the first time, it is full of great deals regardless of age. You will need government-issued identification (driver’s license, no ID card, passport, etc.)for riding the boat. 


Valid Credit Card

Nearly all boat owners require a credit card when renting a boat online or offline. It is important for them to invest in a boat and they prefer a little more security when renting it. It offers opportunities for sightseeing, partying, fishing and water sports. Be open minded. You’ll quickly find that Miami cruises can do just about anything you want. Miami boat rental requirements are very simple and straightforward.


Must know the rules of renting prior to rent

What becomes a problem is any mishappening on the yacht while you are on a trip. To eliminate it or avoid it , knowing the rules of the boat beforehand can be a boon to the person willing to do so. 

Rules of the yacht are simple and told to the renter’s at the time of purchasing or renting it from a company by the crew members or the staff members. 


Sign required agreements

Bonds are very important when it comes to renting an expensive boat. Whether it’s about the pricing of the yacht or about the safety agreements or all need to be signed before stepping on the boat and leaving for the trip

Final words

Motor yacht rental in Miami can be a fun thing to do when planning a trip ,so if you are willing to try one then Encore yacht in Miami can give a good experience and make your trip an unforgettable one.