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Which Type Of Yacht Charter Should You Choose?

Deciding which type of yacht is best for your charter is often a daunting task and quirky articles and questionable facts can only confuse you. To help you choose the best type of yacht for your charter, I have put together a subjective list of notable pros and cons of each type of yacht. 

Motor yacht 

The design means motor yachts have more deck space than sailing yachts. Expect large cabins and saloons on motor yachts.


  • Speed: Motor yachts with powerful diesel engines guarantee fast cruising speeds. If you really want performance, choose a performance motor yacht.
  • Shallow Draft: Shallow draft allows the yacht to navigate shallow waters, opening up bathing spots and berths that might otherwise be restricted.


  • Fuel cost: Diesel engines are thirsty and fuel is not free. Please factor in fuel costs if you are planning a longer itinerary.
  • Environmental Issues: Despite continued efforts and commendable progress, motor yachts still have a significant carbon footprint due to their diesel engines.
  • Not “Sailing”: Motor yachts offer relaxation but not the authenticity of a real sailing yacht. No learning rigging or sailing on board 

Modern Sailing Yachts 


  • Reduced Fuel Costs: When the wind is blowing, turn off the engine to save fuel costs, rig and sail to get to your destination.
  • Flexibility: A backup engine gives you control so you can start the engine when the wind isn’t cooperating.
  • Experience: Enjoy an exciting and fascinating sailing experience and learn more about this ancient vessel.
  • Eco friendly: Using sails reduces a ship’s carbon footprint.
  • Luxury: Modern sailing yachts often rival motor yachts in their luxurious interiors and array of luxury amenities.


  • Healing: Proper motor placement can reduce heeling, but you should still expect some healing.
  • Deeper Draft: You may need to moor with your acquaintances farther than a smug motor yacht.
  • Less space: Comparable to motor yachts boasting much more deck area. Expect more compact cabins and living quarters.

If you crave an authentic sailing experience but crave ultra-modern conveniences, this sailing yacht is the perfect type of yacht to charter to meet your needs. Simply put, the best in the world of sailing and motor yachting.



  • Spaciousness: The twin hull design allows for a larger beam size to entertain more guests on deck.
  • Stability: Very stable, almost no heel and no fear of spilled drinks.
  • Nets: Catamarans are usually equipped with nets that extend from both sides of the vessel, ideal for sunbathing and relaxing near the surface. Popular with children and adults.


  • Sleeps: Finding a suitable sleep can be difficult with wide beams.
  • Performance: The catamaran is not built for breathtaking performance as its size affects its responsiveness when maneuvering.
  • Overview: With its wide beam and popular net sun loungers, the Catamaran is the perfect type of yacht for charter to entertain large numbers of guests. But don’t expect speed and maneuverability.

Final words

There are several considerations when choosing the type of vessel to use for your sailing or yacht charter vacation. Once you’ve decided on the best type of yacht to charter, it’s important to compare other variables. Encore Yacht in Miami will be happy to accompany you on your yacht journey and assist you in choosing the best type of luxury yacht in Miami for charter based on your style and requirements.